Masterclass in Screening Colonoscopy

Directori de curs: Gabriel Dimofte, Silvia Sănduleanu, Cristian Gheorghe


JOI, 3 IUNIE 2021

Welcome & Introduction (Objectives of the course) 
Dimofte Gabriel

Poll (pre-test); readings are provided before the course

High quality colonoscopy: What does the endoscopist must know? 
Gabriela Stefanescu, Iasi

What are safety requirements for endoscopy services? 
Georgiana Gilca & Gabriela Stefanescu, Iasi

How to improve adenoma detection (endocuffs, third eye, etc)
Cristian Gheorghe, Bucuresti

How to detect serrated polyps?
Andrada Seicean, Cluj Napoca

Colonoscopy interval cancer: How hard should we be on ourselves?
Silvia Sănduleanu, Maastricht

Implementing a screening program: Lessons from Romanian experience
Carmen Ungureanu (INSP)


Poll (post-test); MCQs provided by speakers are voted and we discuss the answers


Poll (pre-test)readings are provided before the course

How to apply ACE (Appearance, Classification, Enhanced Endoscopy, Safe resection)
Algorithm in Diagnosis and Management of Colorectal Malignant Polyps
Roy Soetikno, USA

Keynote lecture:
Laterally Spreading Tumors – the missing link in the development of PCCRC
Silvia Sănduleanu, Maastricht

Keynote lecture:
How to minimize complications rate after endoscopic resection
Gabriel Constantinescu, Bucuresti

Keynote lecture:
How to deal with difficult polyps? The Expert approach
Marcel Tantau, Cluj-Napoca

Looking through the magnifying glass: A Pathologist View
Mihai Danciu, Iasi

Screening for CRC: The Surgeon’s Perspective
Dimofte Gabriel, Iasi

Screening in high-risk groups: closing gaps in communication between disciplines
Hereditary CRC 
Silvia Sanduleanu, Maastricht

2020 US MSTF guidelines: surveillance intervals and age to start screening in patients with family history of CRC or advanced adenoma 
Cinthya Yoshida, USA


Poll (post-test); MCQs provided by speakers are voted and we discuss the answers

Atenție! Prezentările vor fi susținute în limba română de către lectorii români și în limba engleză de către cei din străinătate. Toate slide-urile vor fi în limba engleză.

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